Marc Thee Signature Line
Introducing 6 OCEAN - Marc Thee’s first branded residence. 6 Ocean is a resort-like home where beauty and function collide. By embracing the natural and organic appeal of The 5 Elements, 6 Ocean will make you feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space you’ll want to call home.

I believe that function hidden in plain sight can change your life!

This concept, combined with my love of nature and the 5 elements, my belief in the power of trends and the strength of new neutrals has all come together to form this amazing home. I’m thrilled to present 6 Ocean – a home that truly lives for you.” – Marc Thee | Co-Founder and Principal
6 Ocean features Marc Thee’s designs on furniture, lighting, bedding and tile. Also, be sure to view the video below of 6 Ocean narrated by Marc Thee.

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