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Marc-Michaels operates globally as Marc-Michaels Interior Design International, LLC. Completed projects include model homes in Asia, high-end luxury residential towers in the Middle East and private residences throughout the world including Thailand, St. Martin, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia and China. Our dedicated in-house design and project teams have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained by working in international markets. When designing in a particular country, we strive to adhere to local cultural sensitivities and traditions, while also addressing the needs of the target demographic. Marc-Michaels is an international interior designer whom frequently partners with various consultants who are experts in the fields of architecture and landscape design, spa design, lighting and acoustics. This gives us the opportunity to offer our clients an integrated design team approach which combines unique talents, experience, and capabilities for all types and sizes of projects.

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